NB: I wrote this back during the COVID pandemic. FWIW I recovered fully from the accident -- and the TBI fund ended up failing due to administrative issues.

I like the Tarot very much. It certainly doesn’t have the long history we like to mythologize it does – it more likely dates back to the 1800s as divination cards – but the set devised by A. E. Waite is excellent and provides a lot of possibilities for obtaining self-knowledge.

I see the cards as a means to “gnothi seauton,” to know thyself, as the Oracle of Delphi put it. The cards are not supposed to tell the future, but the symbols on them can be read by a reflective mind and used to gain insight into what is currently going on in your life.

You should only do a reading very rarely; have a purposeful and clear intent; and accept whatever drawing you receive. I had one recently which I wanted to share, as it was very meaningful to me.

What do see yourself as: The Magician

Absolutely. For anyone who knows my true self and interests, this card alone is a fascinating one to draw first. That is a one in 22 chance of happening.

What you most desire: The Hierophant

I interpreted this as a symbol for guidance and structure; that I was looking for direction. This past year has certainly been a crossroads in my life, a time of great disruption, and I am certainly looking for direction on what path to follow next.

The Hierophant can represent a guide; a figure who has great spiritual attainment; or also, potentially, a fraud (like many so-called religious people often are).

Another way of looking at it is that I desire to progress further on the spiritual path. Or, the card could represent Jeff Brooks, who is a great colleague, teacher, and friend of mine in the spiritual work.

What you fear: Death

This year was horrible to many due to the Corona flu, which infected many and caused immense disruption. It was additionally horrible for me as I both lost my job and was exposed to toxic fumes: the latter incapacitating me for over five months.

I read “Death” here to mean a fear over the “death of the old life” (my previous job). I also read it as a fear I would not recover from the toxic fume poisoning. I feared my future was “dead,” or my possibilities and potential were “dead,” destroyed due to being exposed to the chemicals.

What is going for you: The Moon

I have been developing a new female friendship, so this was one of the ways I would interpret this card. I would say it is a good omen for the relationship.

Another meaning I could find is it could refer to my own spiritual work, which in a sense is done in secret. Despite the setbacks this year, it could be a good omen that the work is in fact continuing and progress is being made.

What is going against you: The Wheel of Fortune

Absolutely. It has been a year of terrible fortune. Aside from the obvious Corona flu, my unemployment and my poisoning by the fumes were certainly calamitous.

As Machiavelli said, ill fortune comes to all so we must always be prepared for when times go bad. At the same time, the wheel of fortune is swift to turn and events may change from ill to good again in time.

The likely outcome: The Empress

I take the Empress here as a symbol of fertility and fruitfulness; a good omen. I have been at work in creating a fund to help people with brain injuries: if this omen has its way, it will turn out well. I have also been trying to develop my painting skills: this bodes well for that too. It is a good omen for my relationship with my female friend: that the relationship could bear fruit. And it is a good omen for health: that my health will recover, despite the effects.

I wanted to set this Tarot reading - and how I interpreted the symbols - down in writing. As I think this is an example of how to do one and get a lot of value out of it: to look at the symbols, to try to unpack the many possible meanings, to see who one card might be or what situation each might apply to. Then, to reflect on the possible outcomes the cards may be suggesting, and to then use that advice to guide you on what to do in the future.